Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cao Guojiu

The newest of the Eight Immortals, Royal Uncle Cao or Cao Guojiu or Wade-Giles, Ts'ao Kuo-ch'iu, is named one of the following:
* Cao Yi
* Cao Jing
* Cao Jingxiu
* Cao You .
He was said to be the uncle of the of the Song Empire, being the younger brother of Empress Dowager Cao .

In historic records, there were several Emperor-consorts Caos in the Song Empire, but only one became empress: Cishengguangxian Empress , the wife of the fourth Song emperor, , none of whose children became an emperor.

However, this therefore does not render the historical existence of the "Royal Uncle Cao" impossible as in pre-modern China, the address "uncle" also meant "brother-in-law". Sometimes specified as "Wife-uncle" or as a respect, "Little Uncle" . Císhèngguāngxiàn Empress did have a younger brother named Cao Yi in historical record. But the given name of Royal Uncle Cao being Yi as well could be a ''post hoc''.

Cao Guojiu's younger brother Cao Jingzhi was a bully, but no one dared to prosecute him because of his powerful connections, not even after he killed a person. Royal Uncle Cao was so overwhelmed by sadness and shame on his brother that he resigned his office and left home.


He is shown in the official's court dress with a jade tablet. Sometimes he holds castanets.

His jade tablet can purify the environment.

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